Monday, September 1, 2008

Interpretation on Ron Mueck's works

When we went to see Ron Mueck's exhibition in Kanazawa, Sidra seemed very impressed the works. The one that got him really interested was a statue of newborn babygirl, titled 'A Girl'. He kept asking about the umbilical cord and why there are blood all over her, and I tried to explain as much as I could. 

After the we got home, Sidra drew these interpretations on Ron Mueck's works. Some features the statue with us around it. He also drew the umbilical cord and blood on the baby statue, and penises on the naked statues. In his interpretation on 'Mask II' (it's actually a self-portrait of the artist), Sidra drew the sleeping face with smile on the face and added sun and clouds on the sky. Maybe he was imagining that it was a man sleeping happily in a shiny day.


pictures of Ron Mueck's works are taken from various sources in flickr (click the images to go to the original sources).

interpretation on Mask II
Mask II with a smile and the addition of sun and cloud in the sky. The three people below are Mama, Sidra, and Papa M.

interpretation on Man on Boat
Sidra added some water under the boat. That square thing on the stomach is the penis.

interpretation on Woman in Bed
Sidra added some tears on the face because he thought the woman looked sad.

interpretation on A Girl
That square thing on the stomach is the umbilical cord, and those black stains are blood.

interpretation on Spooning Couple

The three people on the side are Mama, Sidra, and Papa M.

interpretation on Wild Man
That square thing is the penis. Sidra also drew the butt on the other side of the paper.