Monday, November 15, 2010


Upper row, left to right: Papa as a baby, Mama, Mama as a baby.
Second row: Papa is angry
Third row: Papa is crying, Mama is angry

Monday, October 18, 2010

Biida-man, a manga

Drawings and story by Sidra.
Loosely translated.
Bidaman page 1
- Biida-man: Fu-aaa....(yawning)
- Biida-man: It's morning.
- Biida-man: I'm going to the toilet.

Bidaman page 2
- Biida-man: Who are you?
- Haburashi-kun: I'm Haburashi-kun.

- Haburashi-kun: The toilet is dirty!
- Biida-man: Really?

Bidaman page 3
Haburashi-kun: You have to clean it!
Biida-man: What a drag! No way!

Biida-man: Bye-bye.
Haburashi-kun: Bye-bye.

Biida-man: I want some ice cream.
Voice: Help!

Bidaman page 4
Biida-man: Who's crying for help?
-- Go, go, go (sound of flying Biida-man) --

Biida-man: Well, well, well!
Bee-kun: Gyaaa, gyaaa, gyaaa!

Bidaman page 5

Biida-man's teeth

Bidaman page 6
-- Go, go, go (sound of flying Biida-man) --
Biida-man: Something is wrong with my teeth.

-- He's going home... --
Biida-man: Whoa! The teeth! The teeth! The teeth! (looking in the mirror)

Biida-man: Yay! Now I'm one year old!

Bidaman page 7
Biida-man:Now I'm strong.
Biida-man: Yeah!

Bidaman page 8
-- Go, go, go (sound of flying Biida-man) --
Biida-man: I'm going to touch that.

-- Going down--

Biida-man: Chon... (flushing the toilet)

(Broken toilet)
Biida-man: Gyaa!

Bidaman page 9
Biida-man: ?

Biida-man: How scary.

Biida-man: I'm going to school.

Bidaman page 10
Teacher: Please raise your hand if you can answer.
Biida-man: Yes
--> Booro
--> Jakko: Cool.

Biida-man: 30
Teacher: Correct!

Bidaman page 11
Teacher: Now you can go home.
Biida-man: Bye bye.

to be continued.... (hopefully)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

DIY gods

Sidra wants to have kamisama (gods) in the house, so Papa taught him to make one by himself.
the face
The face

the forehead
The forehead

that's the hair
That's the hair

the curls
The curls

the ears
The ears

Two Buddhas!
Two Buddhas!

Now we can pray!
Now we can pray!

The gods respond:
Red Buddha: "Yes, it's understood."
Black Buddha: "Yes, I understand."

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jigoku (Hell)

Jigoku (Hell): The hell monster is wearing colourful hat
A drawing of hell by Sidra. There are many things happening in this drawing and Sidra explained all of them to me. I find his explanation interesting.

Jigoku (Hell)
bad people eaten by the hell monster

Jigoku (Hell)
heaven is up (with locked door to keep the monsters from getting in)

Jigoku (Hell)
a person is trying to climb up, unaware of the green monster waiting

Jigoku (Hell)
to the left of the stair: a person trying to stab the hell monster and a random green alien.
to the right of the stair: a four-arms god riding a red cloud and a pig

Jigoku (Hell)
a person is being eaten by a purple monster while another one is trying to climb into the alien spaceship

Jigoku (Hell)
random purple dinosaur

Playing hide and seek in the park

Friday, June 25, 2010

Motto ganbarimasu!

Motto ganbarimasu (I will try my best!)
Purubo (Purbo = Papa's name)
Novita (Mama's name)

On the other side
Putora Shidora (Sidra Putra)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sketch of an obake (ghost)

One day when Sidra was walking home from school, he saw an obake (ghost) coming out of a statue. But he was not afraid of it. When I asked him why he wasn't afraid, Sidra answered: 'Well, it just flew around, didn't do anything'. Of course, what would an obake do besides flying? It was just minding its own business, I guess.

Anyway, the obake asked him: 'Kimi wa dare?' (who are you?), in which Sidra replied: 'Boku wa Shidora desu' (I am Shidora). Sidra continued to leave and the obake said: 'bye-bye'. Then it produced a rainbow-coloured rabbit which followed Sidra until he reached the house.

I asked Sidra to tell me when the rabbit follows him again because I want to see it too, but Sidra said that I won't be able to see it. 'But you can see it. Why can't I?' I asked him.

'Because I can see obake,' he said.

*cue to start the Twilight Zone theme song*