Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sketch of an obake (ghost)

One day when Sidra was walking home from school, he saw an obake (ghost) coming out of a statue. But he was not afraid of it. When I asked him why he wasn't afraid, Sidra answered: 'Well, it just flew around, didn't do anything'. Of course, what would an obake do besides flying? It was just minding its own business, I guess.

Anyway, the obake asked him: 'Kimi wa dare?' (who are you?), in which Sidra replied: 'Boku wa Shidora desu' (I am Shidora). Sidra continued to leave and the obake said: 'bye-bye'. Then it produced a rainbow-coloured rabbit which followed Sidra until he reached the house.

I asked Sidra to tell me when the rabbit follows him again because I want to see it too, but Sidra said that I won't be able to see it. 'But you can see it. Why can't I?' I asked him.

'Because I can see obake,' he said.

*cue to start the Twilight Zone theme song*


  1. jadi inget Totoro, pengen liat juga kl ada beneran, hehe, salam kenal yaa

  2. I bet he can too.

    Nurture this, it will be important.
    But I see you already know.