Monday, October 18, 2010

Biida-man, a manga

Drawings and story by Sidra.
Loosely translated.
Bidaman page 1
- Biida-man: Fu-aaa....(yawning)
- Biida-man: It's morning.
- Biida-man: I'm going to the toilet.

Bidaman page 2
- Biida-man: Who are you?
- Haburashi-kun: I'm Haburashi-kun.

- Haburashi-kun: The toilet is dirty!
- Biida-man: Really?

Bidaman page 3
Haburashi-kun: You have to clean it!
Biida-man: What a drag! No way!

Biida-man: Bye-bye.
Haburashi-kun: Bye-bye.

Biida-man: I want some ice cream.
Voice: Help!

Bidaman page 4
Biida-man: Who's crying for help?
-- Go, go, go (sound of flying Biida-man) --

Biida-man: Well, well, well!
Bee-kun: Gyaaa, gyaaa, gyaaa!

Bidaman page 5

Biida-man's teeth

Bidaman page 6
-- Go, go, go (sound of flying Biida-man) --
Biida-man: Something is wrong with my teeth.

-- He's going home... --
Biida-man: Whoa! The teeth! The teeth! The teeth! (looking in the mirror)

Biida-man: Yay! Now I'm one year old!

Bidaman page 7
Biida-man:Now I'm strong.
Biida-man: Yeah!

Bidaman page 8
-- Go, go, go (sound of flying Biida-man) --
Biida-man: I'm going to touch that.

-- Going down--

Biida-man: Chon... (flushing the toilet)

(Broken toilet)
Biida-man: Gyaa!

Bidaman page 9
Biida-man: ?

Biida-man: How scary.

Biida-man: I'm going to school.

Bidaman page 10
Teacher: Please raise your hand if you can answer.
Biida-man: Yes
--> Booro
--> Jakko: Cool.

Biida-man: 30
Teacher: Correct!

Bidaman page 11
Teacher: Now you can go home.
Biida-man: Bye bye.

to be continued.... (hopefully)

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